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VIEGRID - Communication and technology joint stock company

       VIEGIRD JSC is a pioneering and leading company in developing Grid Computing technology in Vietnam for commerce products and services. Established in 2007, VIEGRID had successfully researched and produced many high rated products in technology field in both inside and outside Vietnam. With squadron leader have research seniority, work oversea perennial, seize Viet Nam's number industry trend in development always build breakthrough new technology ideas, revolutionary and temerity. The professional, creative, rich in experience, high standard technical staff always ready to study, to adopt the development trends and latest technology in the world, create foremost products and dominate the technology field.

VIEGIRD JSC had received many awards, reputation in technology market and always is highly appreciated by all the top specialists of Vietnam. All leaders and staff of VIEGRID JSC will constantly strive, effort, promoting creative, power of collective solidarity bring satisfaction to our customers through the products, services and we will try our best to become a leading enterprise in the era of technology integration at present.

You are able to download and use the technology products of VIEGRID:

Typical products

BOCOHAN - professional translation software

A professional translation software for translation experts, specialized researchers… Using BOCOHAN help increase translation productivity up to 400%... .... More

Viet Tools - Spelling checker

A set of Vietnamese processor software was built based on popular text editors. BOCOHAN – preserve the purity of Vietnamese. .... More

Giải pháp an toàn an ninh mạng

V-AZUR - Formula set

Formula set V-AZUR developed by VIEGRID JSC, Technology Institute and Hanoi National University under the professional direction, examination work and technical inspection of Police Department Crime Prevention Using Tech - C50, Ministry of Public Security is a product, a “stronghold” defense and protect safety and security of LAN. V-AZUR has won “Sao Khue 2015” title - the title for excellent product and service, premier prestige of software and information technology industry and services of Vietnam. .... More

Sản phẩm dịch vụ

VIEBOOKS is a “book” social network – where the authors, readers, publishers, booksellers meet. Build up a “book-lover” community – where they can learn, exchange, share their experience and cooperate. VIEBOOKS also create e e-business environment allow users to distribute and share the digital content including books, newspapers, e-document on the Internet. Moreover, VIEBOOKS also offers business opportunities for enterprises; young people are passionate about books. .... More