1. Install the software

- Minimum set up configuration:

  •  OS: Windows XP onward
  • Processor: Intel/AMD 800Mhz
  • RAM: 256Mb
  • HDD: 300Mb
  • Internet
  • Set up

After finish download the software, unzip the file. Run file “Setup.exe” to begin install process:

On the interface, click “Next”:

Selecting the installation folder and click "Next" to continue:


Click “Next” to install BOCOHAN:

Wait for the software is being installed:

After  BOCOHAN has been successfully installed, click “Close” to finish:

Note: If your computer hasn’t install Sql and .NETFramework, the wizard will automatically install Sql 2008 express and .NETFramework 3.5, click  to begin installing:

Installing SQL 2008 express:

After finish installs SQL, the system will continue to install BOCOHAN as those steps above.

2. Instruction

            2.1 Translation supporting service:

            - Users can choose translation supporting service which they want by click in the “Option” menu on top of the window:

A window contains all the services will appear:

  • 1st option: you can choose the default setup by tick in “Default setup” checkbox, after that the software will connect to BOCOHAN community host and VIEGRID’s translation machine:


  • 2nd option: you can choose the option that most suitable for you:

+ BOCOHAN host: choose community or agency

  • Choose “Community”: you will automatically to community resource on
  • Choose “Agency”: you will be connected to your agency’s resource.

      + Translation machine: choose VIEGRID’s translation machine or Google:

  • Choose “VIEGRID”: you will connect to VIEGRID’s translation machine
  • Choose “Google”: you will connect to Google.
  • 3rd option: if your agency have to change the proxy set up  in order to connect to the Internet then you have to change the proxy setup to connect to translation supporting service. To change the proxy setup, tick in “Using proxy” checkbox and enter your IP address and port:

 Besides, to get the default proxy set in the Internet Explorer browser, click on “Get default proxy”.

After finish choosing your translation supporting service, click “Agree” button to change your setting.

2.2 Connect to translation supporting service

- After finish sign up for a new account on

There is two ways to connect to translation supporting service:

  • 1st way:
    • After your “Translation supporting service option” setting was set a log in window will appear. Enter the user’s account that your have registered on  and click “Log in””

  • 2nd way:
    • On the BOCOHAN’s UI :

1. In section BOCOHAN Servers and translation machine, click on "Not connected".

2. Login window appears. Enter your account registered on and click "Log in":

2.3 Direct translation

- On “Translation” menu, choose “Direct translation”







Direct translation window will pop up, choose the topic and translation type then enter the content need to be translated  in the content section then click “Translate”, the result will show up on the right-side of the window.


  • You can change the interface to vertical view by click on  button on top of the window:



- Mark the difference: If you select this function, after the sentence was translated in "source content" section will be marked in different place other than the results suggested in the "translated content"

- Enhance: If you select this function, before translating, sentences will be automatically analyzed by the phrases, sentence patterns are available in the "Resources".

- The bilingual: When selecting this function, the result will be in bilingual.

- Additional hint: When you select this function, if the results have different hints are suggested, the "Hint" pops up allowing you to choose the correct answers.

- After the translation is complete, you click "Finish" to rearrange the translated results according the structure of the text to be translated.

- To save the results, after pressing the "Finish" button, users click on the "Save for later use", a window appears allowing users to confirm the sentences that they want to save, this will help users not have to translate these sentences all over again later.

2.4. File translation

-From "Translation" menu, choose "File translation"



File translation window will appears on the screen:


- To start the translating files, users have to click on "Create New" to create their own work, a pop-up window for the user to enter a name and choose the file need to be translated (the file must be  the txt f, doc, docx, html, xml extension types). In addition user can choose the term files for their file (Term file is the bilingual file: English - Vietnamese to unify the specialized terms in your translation projects under construction, the term files were built by tools Construction resource / Data / File terminology):


- Once you enter the name of the file and select the file to be translated, click "Agree" to complete work creation.

- If users have created a work before and the user wants to open up to continue the work,click the button "Job" after chose “Open job”, a window appears and lists all the previous work of the user, where the user chooses a work they want to continue and click "Open".


- After creating a new work or reopen a work file, BOCOHAN will load all the sentence of the file into the translate framework.


• The sentences need to be translate will appear in “Source sentences”.

• The sentences have already translated will appear in the “Translated sentences” framework.

• The checkboxes in the frame "Accept" to determine the sentences that satisfied users

 • The button "Hint" to help users have more option when translating.

- Before starting to translate user needs to select the topics (general, law, medicine) and fluids (English - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - English) in the "Options". The "Mark difference" and "Enhanced" will work as described in the "normal translation".

- To start the user click "Translate automatically" BOCOHAN will perform each sentence on the list.

- Results will be displayed in the "The translated sentence". To select alternative translations, users click on "Hint".

- Users can modify the sentences were translated by clicking to select a couple of sentence; the contents will be presented in detail in "Process the chosen sentence":


- At the "Processing the chosen sentence", the user can directly modify their translation plans.

- After setting a translation plan, users click in the box "Accept" to confirm the results.

- To accept all the translated results, click "Accept all" in the bottom right.

- To save the work in progress, users click "Save Workfile".

- To save the translated sentence pairs, users click "Save to reuse".

- After finish translating, click on the "Export results to a file," a pop-up window that allows users to choose where to store and name the file for output

3. Payment instructions

For more information about the product and purchase BOCOHAN software, customers can buy directly on the website or contact us via the email address: [email protected] or via telephone number: 0435.626 .544

When buying software BOCOHAN, customers can choose between two payment method: cash or bank transfer:

- Payment in cash:

Customers will pay at our office VIEGRID: VIEGRID JSC - Room 1805, Building 101 Lang Ha, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

- Payment through bank transfer:

Account number: 07111000 66 002 - At Hanoi Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Use BOCOHAN to reach new heights and BOCOHAN will stay side by side with you to go out to the world.