I. Introduction

In the stage of integrating into the World in all aspects of life and society .The need of creating a common language, a common voice become very important. The need of communicating,

connecting with other countries in the world is rising day by day, open up for Vietnam a potential language market. Vietnam is a market attracted a lot of foreign investors, which has promoted the development of the translation market. In recent years, many foreign translation companies have entered Vietnam and translation gave them a huge turnover. According to the latest statistics, in 2014, revenue in the field of translation in the world is $ 40 billion.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, only $ 100 million - an extremely modest figure in our own emerging and dynamic market.

Two causes of this situation are:

1. Companies, experts and translators in Vietnam have not focused on using the technology in the field of translation.

2. Never consistently adhere to the norms, principles and terminology in translation. Companies, foreign language translation experts have done very well and efficiently deal with these issues; they have built a strong foothold as well as creating trust with consumers in translation markets.

Acknowledge of the remaining issues in the translation market in Vietnam, VIEGRID media and technology JSC has built and developing technology products to bring Vietnam’s translation market to a brand new stage – the stage of explosive growth and dominate the market. VIEGRID has introduced a software support translation services with advanced technology BOCOHAN - help our country’s translation market achieve a breakthrough in speed and quality. BOCOHAN translation supporting software, equivalent to CAT software like Trados, Wordfast, Deja Vu, ... with more Vietnamese resources and processing functions. BOCOHAN is designed for those who need to translate from English to Vietnamese-English on the job as translation experts, specialized researchers, professionals and students in the professional sector. BOCOHAN can be used alone (stand-alone) or through connections with servers in LAN (BOCOHAN Enterprise Server) or on the Internet (BOCOHAN Community Server) and the automatic translation is different to using Translation assistance services. BOCOHAN help translators produce quality translations include human intelligence that the automatic translation technology will be far from achieving. BOCOHAN can help increase the productivity of the translators to over 400% with the ability to accumulate resources, experience and learning is increasing.

Continue to develop premium features Vietnam has developed and added many other outstanding features, VIEGRID has released BOCOHAN version 2.4. Compared with other software, such as Trados, Wordfast, ... BOCOHAN provide enormous wealth of resources, including multiple dictionaries, re-use sentences, fixed phrases, sample sentences, terminology and particularly idiom resources - this is data only available in BOCOHAN. VIEGRID built versions cater for different audiences, such as professional translators, businesses, students, staff do translation work. BOCOHAN provides the ability to translate data on all majors, allowing users to connect to databases of agencies, VIEGRID translation machine and Google - to bring

our users the highest translations’ quality.

In addition to support services for users, BOCOHAN also provide a learning environment that is extremely effective. In here, you can build an unlimited repository of knowledge, skills training .


Diagram 1. Infrastructure support services of VIEGRID


      II - Description of the components:

• BOCOHAN SE: The supporting translation software installed on the personal computer of the user, there will be a data translation, user developed and accumulated during use. SE BOCOHAN user support tools to the dictionary, translate directly translate text or text files with different formats such as Text (.txt), Word (.doc, .docx), HTML, XML ...

• BOCOHAN Enterprise Server: A BOCOHAN  sever for agencies and businesses in the event of agencies, businesses bid. This server will contain common data translation of all the staff in the agency. All employees are involved in building and sharing this shared data.

• BOCOHAN Community Server: The BOCOHAN server of VIEGRID (communities host). This server contains very large quantities of data translation by VIEGRID built to serve the BOCOHAN user community. When connected with translation services, users can use this great inventory of resource and will receive the suggested results from the automatic BOCOHAN

translation systems of VIEGRID or Google ...Moreover, users can contribute and build resources for this database.

• Intranet: A network connecting the computer in an agency, a company. In intranet, personal computers will be connected to BOCOHAN host of agencies.

• Translation supporting service: A set of BOCOHAN server (agency, community) and automatic translation. When connected with translation services, if your computer can not connect to the BOCOHAN Enterprise Server, it will directly connect to the host community BOCOHAN (BOCOHAN Community Server). Translation supporting service of BOCOHAN allows users to connect to the Internet through the automatic translation is the best on the market under appropriate option.


Download BOCOHAN version 2.4:

- The 32 bits: the link here

- The 64 bits: the link here


With BOCOHAN, you will experience the convenience extremely efficient and innovative:

1. Translation Support English - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - English

BOCOHAN can help you translate English - Vietnam, Vietnam - UK warehouse using your personal resources, connect to storage resources of the community with a translation and automatic translation systems on the network to offer to suggest. You can edit and save the most relevant results for future reuse. File translation function (file) of BOCOHAN can help you keep the format of the files (doc, docx, txt, html, xml ...) save energy presented for the final product.

2. Develop and manage the translation work

BOCOHAN allows you to create a work, therefore, when you continue to translate your file you can save the results, then reopen and continue what you are doing.

3. Develop and share translation resources

BOCOHAN equipped with the necessary tools to build and share translation resources such as: the reuse couplet, idioms, fixed phrases, sample sentences and dictionary.

4. Self-study ability

As an intelligent software, with the slogan "Never have to translate a sentence twice,"  BOCOHAN self-study mechanism continuously improve by accumulating experience in resources which always is extended and completed with the level of the user.

5. Mobilizing knowledge of the community

If you have an Internet connection and an account registered on the site you will able to use a huge resource and get help from the automatic translation of the leading companies  such as VIEGRID and Google.

6. Tools for Learning Advance English

How to learn advance English better is often read the documents in bilingual language. BOCOHAN can help you collect, build and read the bilingual professional writing in a most efficient way.

7. Integrated Work Environment

You will have all the help you need without having to leave the current working environment. Just click on BOCOHAN will bring the necessary utilities to you.


For more information about the product and purchase BOCOHAN software, customers can buy directly on the website or contact us via the email address [email protected] or via telephone number: 0435.626 .544