Thank you for using our services on owned by VIEGRID Communication and Technology Joint Stock Company. In order to keep this website a valuable resource creating the bridge between translators and project owners, in addition to ensuring benefits of related parties, we require all members of the website to abide the following terms and conditions. Please take your time to read and understand them thoroughly. Users who do not agree with these terms must not use services on our website.  

Article 1. Account, Provision of personal data, Access Data

1.1 Users including individuals and organizations use emails and valid passwords to create accounts.

1.2 Users represent and warrant all information provided during the registration process is true and complete.

1.3 Users are prohibited from using false identities, aliases or the identity of any third party or using other person’s account.

1.4 Users maintain all access data in strict confidentiality; take all reasonable steps to keep the Access Data secret

1.5 Users may delete their accounts at any time. In such case, all data, graphics or other contents which have been uploaded on by the users will be deleted

Article 2. Content and Scope of rights

2.1 The  user  has  full  responsibility  for  any  information,  data,  graphics,  texts  and  other contents  which  the  user uploads,  revises  or  communicates,  publishes  and/or  makes  otherwise available  over  or  discloses  via to  third  parties.

2.2 The User agrees not to use or other services to

  • Upload, post or otherwise transmit any contents that violate the Communist Party and national laws  of  the  Socialist Republic of Vietnam; content that is considered  unlawful, pornographic,  obscene, threatening, harassing, tortious,  defamatory, libelous,  an  invasion  of  privacy,  hateful,  or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.
  • Upload, post or otherwise transmit contents that can interfere the operation of the website and damage VieGrid illegally.
  • Any kind of commercial advertising not allowed by VieGrid  is prohibited. Spam posts are not allowed and will be removed. The following posts are considered as spam: Posts with meaningless contents; Threads created multiple times with the same contents; Crossposts (posts with the same contents in different areas); "Push-posts" (posts that under false pretense push own or others' work)

Article 3. Regulations for Project owners

3.1 Project owners can be individual or organization having documents (texts, data, books, certificates…) that need translating.

3.2 The project owners themselves manage their transactions including posting projects, choosing translators and negotiating price, payment method and other services.

3.3 The project owners have rights to evaluate translators, create and report any disputes related to translator.

Article 4. Regulations for translators

4.1 Translators can be individual or translation companies with required qualifications:

  • Bachelor (or higher) in language interpretation and translation
  • Degree of associate in language interpretation and translation (if translator studies abroad)

4.2 The translators have rights to gain benefit from translating posted projects, manage their transactions with projects owners

4.3 The translators are required to consider thoroughly the project and its owner before translating in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Article 5. Behavior, Code of product

5.1 expects all users treat each other in a respectful and friendly way.

5.2 Languages used must be clear, transparent and polite

5.3 Insults and any kind of rude behavior are not allowed.

Article 6. Enforcement and Punishment

6.1 The users agree and acknowledge that any illegal uploading, revising, publication, communication of information, data, graphics and other contents in violation of these terms may give rise to obligations of the user to pay damages according to law and legal documents.

6.2 Abusive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in the ban of the involved accounts

6.3 Any disputes should be solved by project owners and translators. After 5 days, if the disputed is not handled, VIEGRID Jsc will take responsibility to adopt solutions.

Article 5. Changes, Amendments

These terms may not be complete in every detail. Please note that VieGrid retains the right to change, amend or supplement these terms from time to time.